May 28, 2016 3:19 pm

How to Protect Laptop from Damage & Disaster


If you’ve spent a considerable amount of money on a piece of equipment which is also essential for personal and business functions, you’re going to want to safeguard it as much as possible. However, when it comes to laptops, we can often be naive and careless with their usage. Tales of dropping them on the ground, rendering them obsolete through spilling liquids on them or cracking the screen are all too numerous and indeed needless.

Aside from the obvious dangers of carrying the laptop one-handed or using it within spilling distance of a cup of coffee, there are other possible risks that many of us would never imagine. One of these is letting playful pets dance all over it as they crave our attention. There’s also the danger of leaving it exposed to direct sunlight or extreme heat from a fireplace. Even objects such as earphones can leave lasting damage if they are abandoned on the laptop as you close down the monitor on top of them, potentially destroying the screen.

While you could be forgiven for thinking that a laptop salesperson is recommending insurance purely for the purpose of persuading you to spend more, it is well worth getting the hardware insured in case the worst should happen. All of the leading manufacturers offer insurance on laptops; it’s simply a matter of comparing between prices and policies when making our purchasing decision. For more tips on keeping your laptop protected from permanent damage, take a look at this infographic from Bracken Foam Fabricators.




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Max Bracken is the Manufacturing Manager of Bracken Foam Fabricators, a manufacturer of high quality foam products based in Cork, Ireland. He works for a company which makes foam products for computers and this ties in nicely with his interest in technology, a topic about which he hugely enjoys writing.