June 22, 2016 9:28 pm

Love to Sailing? Check Out These Sailing Apps!


Apps. There’s millions of them covering every topic imaginable, including sailing, an activity where you need to be very well informed in order to stay safe on the open seas. Pocket books and manuals are essential for sailors to take with them, of course, but with technology now at such an advanced stage, they should also embellish their mobile devices with a collection of practical, informative sailing apps.

There are apps for navigation and charting, like the highly-rated MX Mariner. There are sailing apps that can give up-to-date information on tides, always a significant factor in the route a sailor decides to take. There are also sailing apps such as SailSim where you can learn the basics of sailing from the safety of dry land in an excellent simulator. Meanwhile, even the most experienced and hardy of sailors are sure to place enormous value in Boater’s Pocket Reference, which is virtually a Bible for sailing enthusiasts and is available as a free app.

As this infographic from East Fremantle Yacht Club in Australia shows, there is no shortage of brilliant apps that anyone with an interest in sailing can enjoy. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to maritime activity. Don’t ruin your favourite activity by getting lost in the middle of the sea. So if you own a smartphone or tablet and sailing is among your hobbies, make sure to add these sailing apps to your collection. Indeed, you may have done so already!

Sailing Apps for Sailor:


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Carola Bruce is On-Water Events Co-ordinator for East Fremantle Yacht Club, a long-established sailing club in the Australian city of Perth. She takes a fanatical interest in all matters related to sailing and she also enjoys creating content about the subject in a way that educates and informs people who like to learn about sailing.