January 18, 2018 1:35 am

Bill Pay vs Prepay: Mobile Payment Options Compared

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The mobile payment options for mobile phone owners can generally be divided into two categories – bill pay and prepaid. Bill pay is often favoured by those who use their phone heavily every day and would happily pay in instalments for the most high-spec models. Prepay is usually a better mobile payment options for more casual users who might not send many texts or make calls on a typical day. It’s also preferable for those who only want a phone for its most basic functions and couldn’t care less whether it’s fresh off the shelf or was considered an antique five years ago.

The question as to which is the ‘better’ mobile payment options come down to how you use your phone and what you want from it; there’s no hard and fast answer. This infographic from Neon SMS (www.neonsms.ie) aims to help you compare the two options directly through several important criteria, such as flexibility of use and the structure of payments.

With bill pay, you get very quick access to the latest models, as you pay only a miniscule fee up front (if any at all), while the amount you are charged is reflective of how heavily you use the phone. Also, you can continue to use the phone even if you exceed your allotted monthly usage quota, and operators tend to give preferential treatment to customers who sign up to a long-term commitment.

However, bill pay customers don’t technically own their mobile; they are essentially hiring the use of it. With prepay, you buy the phone outright and it’s yours for keeps. Plus, you’re not tied into a fixed-term contract, so if your life plans change and you latterly migrate to a foreign country, you won’t have the hassle of severing a contract with your operator. It also makes switching networks or phones a lot easier than if you were on a contract.

Check out the infographic below for a solid comparison between bill pay and prepaid phone plans.


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Neon SMS is a provider of bulk text messaging solutions in Ireland. Its mission is to provide personal and business customers with simple, tailored SMS solutions that make this mode of communication seamless and convenient.